Patterns for chainsaw carvers
Beginning carvers and novices can use these patterns to get started with the correct proportions. Red Lines show rough blocking and blue dash lines show secondary shaping. Studying animal anatomy and details is still important to developing an "eye".
Cowboy Boot L'il Cactus Teddy Bear Maori Tiki Chess Knight

Woodcarvers like the boot as a beginner carving. Great fo the chainsaw carver too!

Mike Weiss is a carver from Shelby, Michigan, and has posted many video demonstrations on YOUTUBE.

This is a good beginner carve and a great "quick carve".


The stone statues on Easter Island were the inspiration for this carving.

Based on the classic style chess piece, this is a great "quick carve".

Rusty's Rooster Caricature Puppy Standing Eagle Realistic Squirrel American White Pelican

Rusty Rooster is one of my interenet names so thsi was appropriate for me to carve.

Also a favorite first woodcarving project, this dog makes a great "quick carve".

This eagle with the head straight forward is suitable for the beginner. The 3D model shows the blocking cuts and gets you off to a good start.

This pattern is based on Leah Goddard's 3D "realistic squirrel on the Woodcarving Illustrated website.

Standing more upright than typical of pelicans, this bird has "attitude" .

Eagle Bust Schroom Standing Eagle Black Cat Florida Gator

We tend to exagerate the eagle's featureswhen we carve them. If you are going to carve eagles you need to study their anatomy, especially the head.

This is a great "quick carve" or beginner carving. Mushrooms come in all shapes or sizes. Use an old "checked" log for that "aged" look.

This pattern is for a basic standing eagle with a turned head. It has been combined with a step-by-step tutorial created by "Chaz" Neighbours that was a posting on the UCCG Forum . Chaz has "put it out there for everyone". Click here for photobucket album of all steps.

Thisone is a natural for cat lovers.

Did the design based on the Florida team mascot. My carving friend Warren Hunt in Tampa carved this version Picture

Chainsaw Letters 3x4   Chainsaw Letters 6x9    

Carve six inches wide and eight inches high.


I developed this font to accomodate a 15-18 inch log for a lot sign quick carve.


This one took under two hours with the extra small letters.

Mahorney's Mushroom Spirit of the Hawk Xmas Tree Luebben Morel Pinterest Collection

This mushroom design is by Mark Mahorney of Woodzwayz Carving.

No feet, no eyes, minimal detail, graceful and not so simple!

Extra tiers may be added to the design.

A "carving family" tradition by Jordon Luebben. Bill Woodcarver has been "pinning patterns" for all to share.
7 EZ Pieces

Originally published in the Cascade Chainsaw Sculptors Guild newsletter, the Cutting Edge,

Mike McVay and the CCSG have given their permission to reprint this series of carving patterns and instructions suitable for beginners or quick carves.

This series was the inspiration for developing the patterns that I have shared with the world of Chainsaw Carvers.

hound pattern GREEN HERON

I carved this caricature styled fire hydrant for a retired fire chief.

This is a new version of my very first pattern the "caricature puppy" . Great beginner carve!


The green Heron is a common "fisher" in Florida, usually seen with its neck retracted. This pattern can easily be a Great Blue as well!


Barre Pinske's Schroom

Pumpkin Great Horned Owl