Rooster's Favourite links
Agassiz Chainsaw Sculptors
  • Organization of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Western Ontario Chainsaw Carvers
Cascade Chainsaw Sculptors Guild
Chainsaw Art Directory
  • listing of chainsaw artists, sculptors and craftsmen who create works of art with the skillful use of a modern chainsaw.
United Chainsaw Carvers Guild
Woodcarving Illustrated
  • chainsaw carving news and other info
Carving Blog
  • Simply a blog dedicated to carving in all its forms and fashions.
UK Chainsaw Carving Forum:
  • discussion forum for chainsaw carving and other woodwork, discuss techniques and share pictures of your latest work here.
Kettensägen Künstler Forum!
  • European Chainsaw Carving Forum
Echo Chainsaw Carving Team
Masters of the Chainsaw
  • Masters of the Chainsaw is a limited group of the nation’s top professional chainsaw sculptors, dedicated to promoting and preserving the integrity of the art form and it’s performance.
  • extreme power carvers
  • Chainsaw Chix
  • facebook
  • history of chainsaw carving
The Chainsaw Sawyer Artist Ray Murphy
  • one of the first chainsaw artists
  • still performing in Hancock, Maine
Chainsaw Carving TV
  • This Old Stump - causing a buzz about chainsaw carving