Chainsaw carving is a growing art form in Mid-Western Canada. The goal of this organization is to foster communication and sharing of experiences for mutual growth. Based in Manitoba, we hope to host workshops, events and training camps to promote the art of chainsaw sculpture.
Founding Members          
Russ Kubara Beausejour, Manitoba Director GALLERY
"Trapper" Myles McLean Red Rock Lake, Manitoba   Director GALLERY
Professional and Semi-Professional members
"Trapper" Myles McLean Red Rock Lake, Manitoba   Director GALLERY
Walter Keller Elma, Manitoba Director GALLERY
Jim Neidermayer Pine Falls, Manitoba Director GALLERY
Anton Hlaas Winnipeg, Manitoba
facebook   GALLERY
Wade Anderson Thompson, Manitoba facebook Director GALLERY
Rick Hall Pine Falls, Manitoba     GALLERY
Willard Holman The Pas, Manitoba       GALLERY
Jose Brochet Wasagaming, Manitoba       GALLERY
Mark Schram Winnipeg, Manitoba     GALLERY
Alexa Hoerster Elma, Manitoba     GALLERY
Agassiz Chainsaw Sculptors (and past Walter Keller Students)
Cynthia Grant Falcon Lake, Manitoba       GALLERY
Randolph Bung Winnipeg, Manitoba     GALLERY
Dennis Overall         GALLERY
Dan Beaudoin          
Larry Larke          
Craig Everett          
Grant Everett          
Brian Gould          
Randy Charney          
Jim Palmer          
Steve Perron          
Scott Davis          
Darrell Kowal          
Rose Gerbasi          
Jaimie Boychuk          
Theresa Young          
Gerry Claeys          
Barb Chrisham          
Dan Gagnon          
Albert Ehm