• Walter Keller, Elma
Walter Keller A Few Words From Walter ...

Both my previous careers: as a forester engaged in forest and fire management, and later as a professional log builder and log building instructor have left me with a profound appreciation for my medium; the natural tree trunk.

Carving with chain saws and hand tools, I always strive to incorporate the natural features of the trunks, stumps, logs or driftwood into the emerging carving or sculpture.

I particularly found that there is beauty in wood, no matter how lowly the piece of raw material may appear at first glance. I often use discarded butt logs from clear-cut areas, whole tree stumps from excavations - or land clearing operations. Urban tree removal services offer large trunks or character logs to me for the taking, in fact, to this date there has never been a tree felled for the purpose of obtaining a carving log. Often, I get commissioned to do on site carving in a trunk that has been left standing after the removal of a tree.

Life-size realistic animal carvings depicting the fauna of the Boreal Forest are a large part of my carving repetoire.

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