Rick Hall, Pine Falls  

My name is Rick Hall, I was born and raised in Wabowden, Manitoba. As a child, I grew up on a trapline and was surrounded by the wilderness and wild life that I have learned to respect. I was the third eldest of eight siblings. I graduated from Cranberry Portage high school in 1974. All through my school years, I loved to draw and paint. People recognized this as a talent and encouraged me to continue. Upon completion of high school, I entered the work force as a logger. Worked as a logger for twenty one years. I completed a Log Home Building Training Course and built my first log home. With years of experience as a logger, chainsaw operator, log home building instructor and my artistic talent, it was then I began to build homes, picnic tables and furniture out of logs. Having gained this experience, I began wild life chainsaw carvings. I started my chainsaw carvings as a hobby but now I'm interested in selling my carvings.