• Alexa Hoerster (White Buffalo) - Elma, Manitoba
Walter Keller   A Short Bio

  1960    born  and raised in Germany. After  completing High School , studied architecture in  Oldenburg ,North- Germany ,  graduated  in   1985.

Worked in several architecture firms throughout Germany.
 Started as freelancing architect in 1989   designing  building projects for clients and client firms. Single family dwellings and multi family dwellings , commercial buildings , office buildings, hotels etc. 

One of  my major projects was the design for “the Boarding House” a 60 unit  apartment house for the staff of the COMMERZBANK of Germany  complete with street level retail space , in the heart of Frankfurt.

1998 designed a Log House Hotel  Complex in the Black Forest, at the time, the largest log house structure in Germany. Through this project I became professionally interested in log building and log architecture.

Planned two more log home projects in the Black Forest and in neighboring France.

Published a brochure on log architecture for prospecting clients.

Came to Canada to learn the hands on techniques of building with logs in a series of dedicated log building courses.
Presently learning   the techniques of wood carving, especially relief carving.
Designed several Log Home projects, as well as a lakeside cottage cluster for a corporate client.
My conviction,  to use the materials of mother nature in its purest and unaltered state, to create form and color in modern architecture, goes hand in hand with my respect for our natural environment.

Alexa Hoerster, White Buffalo
Box 74, Elma MB, R0E 0Z0
 e-mail:  wkeller@mymts.net         
 Tel.:      204 348 3115   



Call Of The Wild Wood Art  established 2005

A Partnership of two Carvers :  WALTER  KELLER   and  ALEXA  HOERSTER

Walter  Keller , a former forester, born and raised in Switzerland, immigrated to Canada in 1967,   wood carving  since  1998.  Started as a typical chainsaw carver in the early years has  now progressed into a more versatile wood sculptor, combining the big and bold of the chainsaw work with the intricacies of hand carving to create his artwork within the growth forms of natural wood from our  local forest environment. His pieces still tend to be rather big.

Alexa Hoerster , a former architect ; born , raised and educated in Germany,  recently immigrated to Canada , started wood carving in 2005.  She began  hand carving in pieces of  found wood ,gathered at lake shores, from  clear cut areas, or slab piles at sawmills. Utilizing the ”waste wood pieces”  to create unique and beautifully designed  pieces of art. Finally, having mastered the chainsaw she also carves in the full  round (three dimensional) pieces  in addition to her highly valued relief work.

Both carvers bring their individual carving style and strength into the company to further the scope of wood art, ranging from the traditional to the contemporary, from the filigree to the monumental, from the whimsical to the  disciplined.
Striving for a healthy mix between commissioned work and free lance endeavours  , both carvers welcome commissions, but still feel the need to reserve some time for their own projects and the quest for new horizons.
Living a simple, rural life in a humble cabin, at peace with nature, gives them  the uncluttered frame of mind, so  important for creative work.

Finally both partners share the same philosophy of respecting and preserving nature and all things wild and therefore will not cut down living trees just to obtain carving material.